The Importance of Tourism Safety Initiatives

As part of the famed Filipino hospitality, the development of road safety for tourists is key to ensuring that each person can feel at home in the Philippines. Especially because the country welcomes millions of tourists and balikbayans annually. The use of roads in tourism plays an important role in facilitating the transport of visitors

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traffic lines on a road

The Environmental Impact of Traffic Line Paint on Philippine Roads

Anywhere in the world traffic paint plays is key to road safety. Properly lining the roads with traffic paint is essential to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow. Aside from keeping the roads safe, another point to consider is the sustainability of traffic line paint. Believe it or not, traffic line paint has an impact

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint: Why Local is Better

The Philippines is currently expanding its road networks to facilitate better movement across the country. A key part of ensuring that these road networks are safe and usable is having clear and bright road markings. Road markings in the Philippines are essential to road safety, thankfully there are many local suppliers for this component. When

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Paing Road Lines

Why We Still Prefer Traditional Brush-On Primer Application

Rua Seguridad has more than 15 years of experience in professional road marking product development and application. We’re very proud of the product advances we’ve made in developing our flagship thermoplastic paint products, Legacy Alkyd (premium, eco-friendly waterborne paint and Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon (our affordable, primer-based paint). We’re capable of preparing these paints with our

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Advatages of Thermoplastic Paints

Four Premium Advantages of Using Thermoplastic Paints

Different kinds of road marking paints are available in the market, offering various advantages to project contractors in search of the right solution. “Cold”, multi-component type paints like epoxy-resin, chlorinated rubber, and road latex-based paints exist and meet different objectives for road marking projects. Thermoplastic paints, which are a “hot melt” formula, are considered a

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time lapse of road traffic

Features and Uses of Thermoplastic Paints

Thermoplastic paint is increasingly becoming the material of choice for road marking projects of various kinds – whether it’s low volume, long-distance projects like national roads and highways, or high volume, short distance ones like city and private neighborhood roads. Let’s take a look at thermoplastic paint’s key characteristics. 1. It’s highly adhesive. As a

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