Cutback and Emulsion: Bitumen-Based Waterproofing and Coating

Cutback Bitumen & Emulsion Bitumen

Protect roads from water damage with bitumen-based waterproofing and coating application. At Rua Seguridad, we offer bituminous emulsion and bituminous cutback for your waterproofing needs.

Increased Waterproofing Penetration Rate With Cutback Bitumen

High-quality bituminous waterproofing begins with our Cutback Bitumen, which is a Petroleum Based product produced by diluting our own Bitumen in Petroleum Hydrocarbon (kerosene). This decreases the viscosity and increases the penetration rate of our bitumen on any asphalt surface making it easy to apply. It is usually sprayed on the finished asphalt to provide a protective layer against water, which increases the strength and durability of the asphalt.

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Emulsion Bitumen for More Durable Roads

Our Emulsion Bitumen is made up of colloidal dispersions of bitumen globules, water, and one or more anionic or cationic emulsifying agents. This allows the bituminous emulsion to disperse properly, ensuring the stability of the emulsion and guaranteeing adherence with different aggregates at ambient temperatures. And through asphalt emulsion, we can help you create better, more sustainable roads.

Bituminous Cutback & Emulsion Products for Layer Adhesion and Waterproofing Applications

MC70 is used as a prime coat of the road base prior to the binder course while CSS-1/SS-1 is used as a tack coat between the binder and surface course. Both are cationic asphalt emulsions that improve the adhesion of the different layers of the flexible pavement and are used for waterproofing applications. By effectively preventing water seepage on the pavement’s layers, our bitumen-based waterproofing solutions help extend the lifespan of roads, providing you with less maintenance work and better usability.

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How Bitumen Based Waterproofing Works

Bitumen is a widely used material for waterproofing applications. It has been used by civilizations in the Indus Valley region as a lining for crop storage baskets. They utilized the material’s waterproofing qualities to protect crops from moisture and avoid rotting.

Nowadays, we still use bitumen to prevent water from getting into places where they do not belong, such as roads. When water seeps into the concrete, it can be destructive and cause erosion. This phenomenon can damage roads, making them unsafe for motorists and pedestrians.

To lengthen the lifespan of roads and prevent accidents, bitumen based waterproofing is done. In this process, bitumen is laid out on the road surface to serve as the foundation for bituminous paints—bitumen-based coatings that are applied in liquid form.

Bituminous Paints and Their Qualities

Bituminous paints are highly effective in preventing water from seeping into the substrate because of their hydrophobic qualities. These materials work great as sealants because they repel elements that could negatively affect the integrity of the concrete.

The paints can be used in various waterproofing applications whether above or underground. Bituminous paints can also be applied to different materials, such as iron, steel, aluminum, plastics, and concrete, making it one of the primary options when looking for waterproofing coating.

Bituminous paints also have excellent adhesion properties. This means that they bind easily with almost any material—thus making them more versatile. Additionally, bituminous paints are known for their innate chemical and UV resistance.

Things to Remember

Although bituminous paints are effective as sealants, surface preparation is important to ensure their efficacy. It is important that the surface where the paints will be applied should be clean and without any loose or blistering paints.

Rua Coating Bitumen protects the roads that guide us to our destination


Lower ViscosityEase of application/sprayingFinish projects faster
Improved AdhesionEasily binds to the
Road Base & Bituminous Layers
Fortifies Road & lessens road
maintenance work needed
WaterproofPrevents water seepage
on the pavement layers
Prolongs road lifespan

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