Reflective Drop-On Glass Beads for Thermoplastic Paint

Add Premium Value to Your Projects with Rua Drop-On Glass Beads

Rua Seguridad offers its own brand of drop-on glass beads for road marking applications that can be used with Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon, our value for money thermoplastic road marking paint formula.

Rua Drop-On Glass Beads are applied simultaneously with our paint on clean, moisture-free surfaces using Rua Seguridad road marking equipment. They enhance CS Hydrocarbon thermoplastic paint’s retro-reflective luminance, improving night-time visibility for longitudinal projects with low-volume, high speed vehicle traffic.

Rua Drop-On Glass Beads are a custom add-on that will enhance public works and premium private roads. They increase road visibility in bad weather conditions, including typhoons, heavy rain, and evening fog, protecting drivers traveling long distances.

Enhancing your road marketing projects

Night time image of a road

Our Rua intermix glass beads are of especially important value to major longitudinal road projects, such as provincial roads and national highways. Retro-reflective road markings will guide drivers traveling long distances, aiding them with turns, slow-down, and highway exit maneuvers.

Rua Drop-On Glass Beads will add premium value to your projects, signaling your brand or agency’s concern for road safety. Companies and agencies who use Rua Seguridad paints and reflective glass beads in their road or traffic paint projects show their communities that they care. 

Looking for thermoplastic paint for your road project?

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