60-70 & 85-100 Paving Application Bitumen

Penetration Grade Bitumen

Our Penetration Grade Bitumen is a petroleum grade bitumen manufactured through fractional vacuum distillation of crude oil. It is used for hot mix asphalt and road construction of asphalt pavements, among other uses, as it also serves as an important ingredient in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses.

To produce hot bitumen, we offer 2 types of Penetration Grade Bitumen namely 60/70 Bitumen & 85/100. Our 60/70 Bitumen is designed for High Traffic Roads due to the additional strength it provides once mixed with the aggregates, additionally 60/70 cooks and dries quickly allowing roads to be finished quickly and opened to the public immediately.

Our 85/100 Bitumen is designed to answer the need for sturdy/long-lasting roads in high altitude and cold climate areas. With its special formulation 85/100 retains its heat longer allowing the asphalt to easily be molded on the road. As paving grade bitumen, it allows for a high standard of durability and longevity.

penetration grade bitumen

Ensure longevity and durability for your roads with our paving bitumen

paving bitumen

Our Penetration Grade Bitumen are specified by the penetration and softening point test. The lower the number, the harder the bitumen is. Additionally our Penetration Grade Bitumen are designed to have Thermoplastic Properties which causes the material to soften and harden depending on the temperature set.

RUA Bitumen have high ductility thus, improves road lifespan

High workability that eliminates
need for additives

Bitumen grade 60/70 suitable for high volume, high traffic roads

Bitumen grade 85/100 suitable for high altitude, cold climate areas

rua paving bitumen


High QualityBetter workability and
compatibility with aggregates
Energy Saving
High DuctilityBetter Pavement PerformanceLonger Road Lifespan
Energy EfficientReduces the needs for additivesFewer Resources Needed
International CertificationsUndergone Rigorous testing from ISO/IEC, TS & OHSASConsistent and high
quality raw materials

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