Legacy Alkyd:
Premium Thermoplastic
Road Marking Paint


 Legacy Alkyd: The Best Reflectorized Traffic Paint For Your Road Marking Needs

Legacy is our own premium brand of thermoplastic road marking paint, formulated with an alkyd-based, non-solvent formula developed by Rua Seguridad at its R&D facilities in Marilao, Bulacan. Apart from being eco-friendly, the formulation of our reflective thermoplastic paint for road markings offers users and motorists increased safety at all times through lifetime retro-reflectivity.

Legacy thermoplastic road marking paint was designed to withstand tropical conditions in the Philippines. Its alkyd resin coating ensures optimum adhesion to concrete and asphalt surfaces. It also provides superior heat, dirt-, and high-pressure resistance, giving Legacy-based road marking projects a service lifespan of two years or more.

Legacy’s an ISO-certified thermoplastic paint formula meets global construction standards for road and traffic line paint applications. It also meets all quality requirements set by Philippine government agencies and has passed stringent testing set by the DPWH Bureau of Research and Standards.

A road line paint formulated to withstand Philippine tropical climate conditions

Alkyd-resin based formula that ensure heat, dirt, and high-pressure resistance

ISO-certified and Philippine government agency approved, including DPWH’s Bureau of Research and Standards


legacy photo

Legacy’s formulation of reflective road marking paint contains our own brand of glass beads which are mixed into the thermoplastic paint, providing increased reflectivity both day and night and giving our paint lifetime retro-reflectivity. The thermoplastic pavement markings created using this product ensure that motorists who are on the road are guided safely at any time of day and in any weather condition.

Legacy also requires shorter operation times during actual road marking application. Its powder-based thermoplastic paint formula melts fast during preparation and dries fast after being applied on the road. This reduces the amount of traffic disruption caused by road marking operations.


Legacy Alkyd thermoplastic road marking paint was designed to withstand the toughest of road conditions. This reflective traffic paint boasts a high gloss, non-tacky formula that gives it superior dirt-repelling and tire-resistance properties, which reduces long-term wear and tear and reapplication costs.

This makes Legacy Alkyd the ideal solution for high traffic, low speed roads in dense urban areas. Not only does Legacy allow for cost- and time-efficient application. Drivers and pedestrians using your roads will know you care for their safety. 

Superior dirt-repelling and tire-resistance properties

Reduced wear and tear and reapplication costs

Best solution for dense car volumes in low speed locations

Legacy Alkyd Shows You Care for Motorist and Pedestrian Safety


Alkyd-based ResinRenewable
Oil Impervious
Highly AdhesiveDoes not rely on Primer
for adhesion
Paint bonds easily
with asphalt or concrete
Energy EfficientMelts and cooks at lower
temperatures: fast drying
Saves on LPG, man-hours,
and road application time
Primer-freeAll-in-one road
application process
Shorter road closure time
and less traffic congestion
Intermixed Glass BeadsPaint has Lifetime
Stays reflective
all throughout its lifetime
High gloss, non-tackyHigh resistance to dirt,
dust, and smog
Paint color durability
Increased Wear ResistanceDurableLasts longer on the road
Lower maintenance costs

Looking for thermoplastic paint for the reflective component of your road project?