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Rua Seguridad is the proud manufacturer of two ISO-standard thermoplastic paint products formulated specifically for the Philippine climate.
Legacy Alkyd:
Road Marking Paint
Premium Thermoplastic Paint

Legacy Alkyd is our premium brand of thermoplastic road marking paint, made with an eco-friendly, alkyd-based formulation that’s long lasting – ideal for high traffic, low-speed areas. 

Legacy melts and dries fast and has quality intermix glass bead formulation, giving road projects superior retro-reflective luminance.

Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon
Value For Money Thermoplastic Paint

Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon is our value-for-money, primer-based thermoplastic road marking paint, made with a quality hydrocarbon formulation designed for low traffic, high-speed roads.

CS Hydrocarbon melts, cooks, and dries quickly and can be customized with our own brand of drop-on glass beads and brush-on primer to give your projects enhanced durability

Legacy and RUA CS are approved by DPWH’s Bureau of Research and Standards for all government-related contracts. 


For those looking to hire or subcontract a team of road marking application experts for their project, Rua Seguridad has you covered. Rua can deploy a team of in-house road marking application experts to execute your road marking projects anywhere in the Philippines.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, our team of experts is fully trained to read, analyze, and execute road marking plans and operate road marking equipment. They are also follow standard safety risk and hazard management protocols and are accompanied by an accredited safety officer to ensure everyone is equipped with the proper PPE gear.

Every member of the team is insured against any accidents, illness, or injury, guaranteeing Worry-Free, Hassle-Free execution of your road marking project.


Rua understands that some clients are interested in investing in their own road marking equipment. This is why Rua offers road marking equipment for sale to our clients. Our road marking machines can be used together with our own brand of thermoplastic paints, Legacy Alkyd and Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon, as well as Rua Drop-On Glass Beads.

Our equipment is designed for easy transport and offloading at road marking sites. First-time buyers of our products and road marking equipment will receive on-site, supervised training on installation, setup, and deployment. We’ll guide you on road and paint preparation and do your first road marking project with you.

Our lifetime customer care guarantee includes technical training and remote assistance. We’ll provide equipment calibration, maintenance, and the rental of backup equipment in case of breakdowns. Other rental options are available for buyers of any of Rua Seguridad products.

RUA Drop-on Glass Beads

Rua Seguridad manufactures drop-on glass beads that can be combined to achieve retro reflectivity.

Glass beads deliver the retro reflective properties of our road marking paint throughout its lifetime. These drop-on glass beads also dramatically improve visibility in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and fog.

Use Rua Drop on Glass Beads to increase road safety vision for drivers and pedestrians. This product increases road safety conditions for drivers and pedestrians and is especially valuable for longitudinal marking projects of national importance – city and national roads and highways. 


Our wide range of bitumen for road application can help improve asphalt pavement performance and durability. We aim to help companies save on energy requirements through quality bitumen with better workability.

RUA offers Paving grade bitumen, Cutback bitumen, Emulsion Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen and Cold mix asphalt for road construction and road maintenance applications.

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