Bitumen-based Waterproofing and Coating Application

Cutback Bitumen & Emulsion Bitumen

High-quality bituminous waterproofing begins with our Cutback Bitumen is a Petroleum Based product produced by diluting our own Bitumen in Petroleum Hydrocarbon (kerosene). This decreases the viscosity and increases the penetration rate of our bitumen on any asphalt surface making it easy to apply, it is usually sprayed on the finished asphalt to provide a protective layer against water which increases the strength and durability of the asphalt.

Our Emulsion Bitumen is made up of colloidal dispersions of bitumen globules, water and one or more anionic or cationic emulsifying agents. This allows our product to enable the dispersion of the bitumen, ensuring the stability of the emulsion and guarantees the adherence with different aggregates at ambient temperatures. And through asphalt emulsion, we can help you create better, more sustainable roads.

MC70 is used as a prime coat of the road base prior to binder course while CSS-1/SS-1 is used as a tack coat between binder and surface course. Both improves adhesion of the different layers of the flexible pavement and for waterproofing applications. By effectively preventing water seepage on the pavement’s layers, our bitumen-based waterproofing solutions help extend the lifespan of roads, providing you with less maintenance work and better usability.

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Rua Coating Bitumen protects the roads that guide us to our destination

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Lower Viscosity
Ease of application/spraying
Finish projects faster
Improved Adhesion
Easily binds to the
Road Base & Bituminous Layers
Fortifies Road & lessens road
maintenance work needed
Prevents water seepage
on the pavement layers
Prolongs road lifespan

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