Why should you consider applying?

We are the fastest growing road marking company in the Philippines. Established in 2006, Rua Seguridad is now one of the leading supplier of thermoplastic road marking paints in the country; one of only three local manufacturers of thermoplastic road paint in the Philippines.

We are looking for success-driven individuals that are looking for a career in the service, manufacturing, importing, logistics, contracting, and sales industry. There’s plenty of room in the Rua Seguridad family. Join us! 

Gain new skills & bring in your ideas!

Each day at Rua Seguridad, you will be able to get unique opportunities to learn a variety of skills and opportunity to head projects which will add value to the company.

You will also be empowered in terms of developing strategies, decision-making, and sharing ideas to reach the company goals!

Work-life balance

In 2022, we switched to an “Agile Workplace” environment, which means, we can use whichever space suits our objective. This promotes flexibility and encourages us to collaborate with other teams. A hybrid workplace was also put in place, so we can utilize our time for meetings, engage with our colleagues, do collaboration activities, and in contrast, we can perform individual work during remote days.

In addition, we often hear from our employees that they are satisfied with the balance between work and their life outside of work, given that we have a flexible work schedule and got an opportunity to take some time off during the weekends!

Warm Working Environment.

We’re a team of welcoming & friendly people. Here at RUA Seguridad, we make sure that employees feel a sense of belongingness and have a second family in the workplace. Who says having fun (despite remotely) in the workplace can’t be done?

We have our quarterly virtual engagement activities so we can connect with our co-workers, have fun together, celebrate our wins and recognize our peers who are excellent performers. 

Rooted in values.

Our core values guide us in everything we do. If these values resonate with you, then, we would love to talk to you!

We permit ourselves & others the authority & power to overcome our challenges and seize our opportunities.
We foster genuine care & commitment to our customers, company and our people
We go beyond what is acceptable and perform to the best of our abilities
We constantly find new ways to do things better in order to grow and serve better
We proactively assess our risks and anticipate potential dangers to always keep us safe and secure
We act and behave accordingly and do things to the best of our intentions .



Pave your way to success here at RUA Seguridad!

Area Validation Consultant Sales

Responsible for collecting and encoding data of all types of accounts related to construction industry including contractors, government agencies and traders through routing.

Sales Admin Associate Sales

Provides sales support by generating prospective leads, bidding, inquiries and quotations related to bitumen and asphalt, as well as sales coordination and sales data management.

Videographer Marketing

The Videographer is responsible for planning, filming, and editing videos that could be used for increasing brand awareness through advertisements.

General Accountant Finance

The General Accountant is responsible for preparing regular reports such as the balance sheet and profit and loss statements in accordance with set schedules. 

Accounting Assistant [Part-time] Finance

The Accounting Assisstant is responsible in encoding data/report; scanning, verifying and storing documents to assist the General Accountant with their responsibilities.

Laser Cutter Machine Operator Supply Chain

The Laser Cutter Machine Operator is responsible in utilizing the Laser Cutter Machine to manufacture or create preformed thermoplastic sheets.


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