Increase the Longevity of Thermoplastic Paint With a High-Quality Primer Paint for Adhesion


Rua Seguridad has developed its own brand of road marking primer. Combined with their own brand of thermoplastic paint (Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon & Legacy Alkyd), this brush-on primer creates a high-quality adhesion primer paint that bonds the paint to any surface such as concrete, asphalt, or a mix of both.

Rua high-adhesion road marking primer paint is colorless, quick drying, and easy to apply. It extends the lifetime of thermoplastic paint by creating a protective moisture barrier between the paint and the road’s surface.

Colorless, fast-drying, easy-to-apply brush-on primer

Ensures superior paint adhesion with concrete, asphalt, or bitumen surfaces

Creates a protective moisture barrier that lengthens the paint’s lifetime

Value for Money Paint Options
for Your Road Marking Projects

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To ensure the best quality of thermoplastic paint application, our road marking application team cleans surfaces thoroughly and gets rid of debris, such as gravel, sand, and oil. Surfaces must also be completely moisture-free.

The high-bonding primer is then brushed onto the pavement in a thin, even coating and left to dry completely in just a few minutes before the thermoplastic paint is applied.

Rua’s high adhesion primer for road and highway markings is the ideal partner to Customized Solutions Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic Paint (CS Hydrocarbon), which is our value-for-money thermoplastic paint. Together, these two products will help you execute road marking projects that delight your clients and keep project costs within budget.

Deliver quality road marking projects on time and within budget. Contact us today to order high-adhesion primer paint for your project and receive a free road paint application work estimate.

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