Road Marking Paint for Highway Roads: Why Quality Equipment Is the Practical Choice

Road marking is essential on all roads in the Philippines for safety, direction, and navigation. But developers should also consider the quality of the road marking equipment and paints used to create the final output, especially for road marking paint for highway roads. After all, not all thermoplastic road marking equipment are made the same way.

So if you’re purchasing or renting equipment or shopping around for paints and service providers, it’s important to choose high-quality. While there are many benefits to choosing top quality road marking equipment, here are five reasons why it can help your business financially by driving revenue and lowering your expenses in the long run.

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Quick Application Means Less Delays

In 2018, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) found that Metro Manila’s traffic is so bad that the country is losing Php 3.5 billion in economic costs of transportation every day. And if the delays stay the same or get worse, the country stands to lose Php 5.4 billion a day by 2035.

Everyone living in Metro Manila knows how bad the traffic situation can be. And for developers trying to address the problem, delaying roads because of slow-drying thermoplastic paint is an unacceptable excuse. That’s why paints that are quicker to apply and dry mean there is less need for delaying or prolonging road-marking projects that could cause congestion especially on high-traffic roads.

In the past, lanes in high-traffic areas could be closed for the better part of the day and worsen the traffic situation. But with paints that can dry as fast as three minutes, road-marking projects can simply take a few hours, minimizing the congestion and traffic delays.

Increased Productivity

When your team is working with top-quality road-marking equipment and thermoplastic paint, you can get more done in a day, thus increasing your productivity and making the most out of your time, expenses, manpower, supplies, and other productivity costs during your project.

For instance, if you’re working with quality thermoplastic paint with a lower melting point, paint can be applied much quicker. This not only means less downtime for your team waiting for the paint to be ready, but it also means less LPG consumption trying to reach a much higher temperature before paint can melt.

In turn, less downtime and less costs allow more to get done within a day. This causes a chain reaction of less time needed, thus avoiding delays or inconveniences on the road.

Factors in Choosing Road Marketing Paint

Primer Application is Optional

There are some benefits to thermoplastic paints that require primers (especially for low-traffic high-speed roads), but for high-traffic areas, it can be an inconvenience to apply primer followed by thermoplastic paint as this can slow down completion time as there needs to be two coats of paint.

Higher-quality thermoplastic paints does not rely on primer and can easily bond onto the pavement without sacrificing quality on the final output. This is because it has highly-adhesive and durable qualities, making it much more practical for road-marking in high-traffic areas as application requires less time and you don’t have to pay additional for primer. 

Long-Lasting Qualities

When some people think about saving, they may think that buying the cheapest product in the market will cut down their expenses. But in the long-run, it’s actually the best paint and best pavement marker that will save you more money.

Think about it this way: if you choose quality over low-cost options, you’re marking your roads with paint that is built for wear-resistance, oil imperviousness, and durability. These paints are made to withstand high temperatures, thus last much longer on the road.

Cheaper thermoplastic paint, on the other hand, will fade much faster because it wasn’t built for durability. It can even fade faster if you don’t buy the additional primer. And because they fade faster, you will have to repaint your roads annually, which can accumulate to additional resources, expenses, delays, and manpower that could have been avoided had you opted for more durable thermoplastic paint that can last twice that long. 

Lifetime Reflectivity

Good road markings are road paint intermixed with glass beads to provide lifetime retro-reflectivity to the paint. This is to help reflect light from vehicles to help drivers see the road markings better. With time, lesser-quality thermoplastic paint can scratch, scrape, and fade, resulting in the loss of reflectivity and shine on these markings.

On the other hand, better quality thermoplastic paints have lifetime retro-reflectivity features that help it stay reflective throughout its lifetime. This means spending less on the long-run trying to maintain road markings as it remains visible for much longer to help drivers see especially at night.

At first it may seem like the more cost-efficient solution for developers is to buy low-cost products. But in the long run, durable thermoplastic paint used with efficient road marking equipment is the better solution than its cheaper alternatives that will eventually accumulate into a larger expense for your business that can cause delays and traffic congestion on your roads.

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