car on wet road

Caring for Our Roads During the Rainy Season

Since 2020, the number of registered private vehicles has increased. The growing number of cars on the road has led to traffic getting worse. This is especially evident during the rainy season when drivers and motorists must brave improperly maintained roads amidst the threats of floods. During the rainy season, road repairs are put on

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road hump

A Guide to Understanding Philippine Road Hump Regulations

Road humps are an essential part of road safety and are used as a calming measure for traffic. The purpose of road humps is to slow down drivers in areas that may have a high volume of pedestrians such as residential areas, schools, and hospitals. In the Philippines, an ordinance has been implemented to give

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roads in a Philippine province

Improving the Quality of Provincial Roads in the Philippines

The quality of provincial roads plays a crucial part in the inclusive growth of the Philippines. Numerous studies across the globe have shown that the creation and maintenance of good road networks can improve a country’s growth and development. Poor infrastructure can hinder the development and growth of a country due to it being one

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walkable cities in the philippines

The Most Walkable Cities in the Philippines

In the quest to create more pedestrian-friendly cities in the Philippines, we first need to understand what a walkable city is. A walkable city is an area that has been designed for the benefit of pedestrians. This may be accomplished by making wider walkways, creating small business areas where an individual’s necessities can be met,

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types of road cracks

The Different Types of Road Cracks and How They’re Formed

In the Philippines, the weather can go from sunny to rainy in just a matter of seconds. This type of polarizing weather can affect roads and create different types of road cracks. These road cracks can be detrimental to pedestrians and motorists alike, and with the increasing number of vehicles in the Philippines, it’s best

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potholes on roads

Cold or Hot Mix Asphalt: Which One to Use in Repairing Potholes

A pothole is one kind of damage that usually happens on asphalt surfaces. It is characterized by a bowl-shaped depression on the road or walkway where the asphalt and its binder have weakened. The Danger of Potholes Potholes are one of the contributors to the poor road conditions in the Philippines. This type of road

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Importance of a Good Road Network

The Importance of a Good Road Network

A road network is critical to a country’s economic development, it connects cities with one another and ensures the smooth travel of commuters, private vehicles, and logistics solutions. In the Philippines, road networks also function to create economic zones in different parts of Luzon. It also helps mitigate major road build-ups that can hinder productivity

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How The Weather Affects Roads

4 Ways How The Weather Affects Roads

The weather is something everyone has learned to live with and adjust to. It affects different aspects of your life, such as your plans, clothing, and even your daily commute. Weather changes can affect how you get to work because of how it affects the condition of roads and highways. Different weather events can have

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Causes of Traffic in Metro Manila

Road Quality and Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila: Causes and Solutions

Metro Manila is the national capital, commonly known for its busy city life and several tourist attractions. The region is flocked by individuals who want to spend quality time with their families or have a fun night out with friends. The country’s capital is also considered a haven by young professionals looking to jumpstart their

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workers layering the asphalt

Key Differences Between Cold and Hot Mix Asphalt

Asphalt is a black, sticky substance that is most commonly used for paving roads and other flat surfaces. It is made up of a mix of stone, sand, and bitumen, which is a type of petroleum product. Asphalt is very durable and weather-resistant, which makes it an ideal material for paving. There are two types

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