The quality of provincial roads plays a crucial part in the inclusive growth of the Philippines. Numerous studies across the globe have shown that the creation and maintenance of good road networks can improve a country’s growth and development. Poor infrastructure can hinder the development and growth of a country due to it being one of the reasons for traffic congestion – especially in Metro Manila.

This is why the government is currently prioritizing the improvement of the quality of its roads all over the country. To enhance trade, access to essential services, and mobility. The enhanced road quality can make other Philippine provinces more accessible and thus, more appealing to businesses, which can effectively lessen traffic congestion in the capital.

In this article, we talk about the quality of provincial roads in the Philippines, its current state, and what can be done to improve it.

provincial road in the philippines

The current state of provincial road quality

The Philippines is an archipelago that’s surrounded by bodies of water. The unique geography and topography of the country have allowed it to innovate its transport systems to accommodate commerce between islands.

Although the Philippines has been taking steps to connect towns, cities, and provinces, the status quo shows that there is still room for improvement.

In October 2022, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) published its assessment of the roads in the Philippines. This has shown that only 36.91% of the total roads are in good condition.

The goal of improving provincial road quality is to enable smoother transportation between cities and to showcase other provinces as viable options where businesses can thrive and experience smooth operations.

The difference between provincial road quality and national roads

National roads are managed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and are constantly improved to ensure the connectivity of major cities to one another. However, national roads only account for 15% of the Philippines’ Road system.

Meaning, the majority of the country’s road system is classified as local roads, which are maintained by Local Government Units (LGUs). Although national roads have the budget and personnel to ensure that it’s maintained for maximum safety and efficiency, local roads may not have a similar experience.

Given this, local roads suffer from poor maintenance and weak urban planning, which can be one of the reasons why businesses still choose to set up in Metro Manila.

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Existing projects and laws that can improve the current state of provincial roads

Republic Act No. 917

This act was signed in 1953 but it remains to be one of the key acts with regards to the effective administration of roads. RA 917 is an act that provides financial aid to towns, cities, and provinces for the construction and maintenance of roads through the Highway Special Fund.

Build! Build! Build!

Due to the lack of infrastructure that can help the economic development of the country, the Duterte administration launched the Build! Build! Build! Program (BBB) in 2017. Under the BBB program, there have been 104 projects planned as of 2020 to support the country’s growth. These developments range from the construction of transportation hubs, railway systems, and road networks.

Better quality roads for the Philippines

Creating better quality roads for the Philippines is more than just for efficiency. It’s also for the inclusive development of provinces across the country.

The building and maintenance of roads ensure that each Filipino has access to high-quality infrastructure. By enhancing the quality of roads in the Philippines, we can have a country that grows inclusively to enhance the quality of life of every Filipino.

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