Sustainably Patching Up Roads With Cold Mix Asphalt

For road users, passengers, and pedestrians, potholes play a huge role in their safety. Potholes seem to multiply overnight, and the worst part is that repairing these damages traditionally involves heavy machinery and road closures, which can lead to traffic. Another point to consider is the weather, if the weather isn’t good, the pothole may not be repaired immediately. Thankfully, there’s a new way of sustainable patch repair for roads and it’s by using cold mix asphalt.

Cold mix asphalts don’t need heavy machinery and a large team to accomplish road repairs. It can also be done quickly enough that roads don’t need to be closed down for extended periods. Patching up roads and ensuring the safety of every road user can be done much more easily thanks to cold mix asphalt.

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Why is it Important to Practice Sustainability for Patch Repairs?

Roads are an essential part of the economy, which is why maintaining them is critical to the growth of the country. Without roads, it can take much longer for the economy to thrive because trade will go at a slower pace. For communities, maintaining roads also ensures the safety of those who live around the area.

Patch repair in roads using cold mix asphalts can present a sustainable and quick way of maintaining roads and maximizing their lifetime. Listed below are some advantages of why a cold mix asphalt is a sustainable option for repairing roads:

Lower Repair Costs

Traditional road repair methods often require many pieces of machinery and teams. Some may also require shutting down large sections of the road just to repair a small part. The materials, tools, and labor combined can lead to higher repair costs.

Cold mix asphalt presents an alternative way of approaching road repairs by allowing your team to accomplish this task quickly and effectively, which can lead to larger savings.

Some companies also choose to use cold mix asphalt as a quick fix to road damage just to ensure the safety of road users as they plan out more disruptive road works in the future.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Using hot mix asphalt will require heating and a lot of movement from the machines just to patch up the road. This will often need a larger energy consumption, which can lead to higher greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Cold mix asphalt, on the other hand, does not need to be heated, which means that your team will consume less energy and minimize its environmental impact.

Minimize Health Risks

When heating traditional hot mixes, harmful pollutants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be emitted into the air. This is because the heat can trigger these chemicals to evaporate. Cold mix asphalt does not need to be heated, ergo a lower risk of harmful chemicals being emitted into the air.

Maximize Road Life

Cold mix asphalt can help you maximize your road’s life at a much more cost-effective rate. This type of material is best for spot repairs, which can help increase the lifespan of your road by allowing your team to fix potholes before they deteriorate further.

The best part? Cold mix asphalt is very durable, and it can continue to cure over time. Meaning, the patch of road you repaired can get even stronger over time.

Decreased Traffic Disruption

Cold mix asphalt does not require big machinery and long heating processes to make it usable, which means that there are fewer machines and people needed to repair that area, leading to better traffic flow.

Additionally, cold mix asphalt is easy to apply, which means the repair job can be accomplished at a much quicker pace and thus, the road can be opened much earlier.

Better Road Safety

Well-maintained roads play a large role in the reduction of traffic accidents. By patching up roads immediately, you can increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. Enter: cold mix asphalt, which can help make maintaining roads a breeze and ensure that it’s safe for everyone.

Water Repellent Properties

Some cold mix asphalt mixes can also repel water. This can help keep the repair site much cleaner and prevent seepage into the foundations of the road.

Easier to Schedule

To accomplish hot mix asphalt repair jobs, there needs to be a lot of coordination due to the equipment and personnel needed. Cold mix asphalts on the other hand require less equipment and personnel, which can streamline the repair process.

Using cold mix asphalt for road repairs can also guarantee a shorter road downtime, which can translate into better road closure coordination with the LGU.

cold mix asphalt

How is the Construction and Maintenance Industry Promoting Sustainability?

Now that you know all about the benefits of cold mix asphalt, you need to understand how this material helps further the goals of the construction and maintenance industry in promoting sustainability. Here are some of the ways how:

  • Some cold mix asphalts use recycled materials in their mix, making them have a lower environmental impact compared to other options.
  • Manufacturers have started to use advanced technology to manufacture cold mix asphalt to create better asphalt at lower energy consumption.

Overall, cold mix asphalt is a very effective and durable solution for road repairs, and it can help make the construction and maintenance industry much greener.

Procuring Cold Mix Asphalt for Your Operations

We hope that you learned the role that cold mix asphalt plays in road maintenance. It’s clear that this material can make a big impact on road user safety and the environment if planned right.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of cold mix asphalts in the Philippines, make sure to reach out to us at Rua Seguridad.

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