Asphalt pavement innovation in the Philippines is an important tool that can ensure the country’s development of a wide road network that connects cities, towns, and municipalities. This is a crucial task especially as more places are urbanized and more vehicles go in and out of these towns.

But along with the improvement of the economy and the development of these roads comes the challenge of maintenance. As a country that weathers typhoons, earthquakes, and storm surges, it’s important to have the foresight to invest in materials that can ensure that each road remains safe and functioning, even after weather disasters.

To help make the roads safer, one thing that can be considered is trading in the use of traditional asphalt sealants for rubberized asphalt sealants. Rubberized asphalt sealants have proven themselves to be a more durable option compared to traditional asphalt sealants. But what exactly can rubberized asphalt sealants do? Learn all about this here.

What is Rubberized Asphalt Sealant?

Sealants are used on roads for their maintenance and preservation. These are often used to mend cracks, repair potholes, and seal the road’s surface. The use of sealant is crucial in extending the service life of roads and in improving the road experience of drivers, motorists, and pedestrians.

Now, what makes rubberized asphalt sealants different from traditional ones is the blend of materials and the method of producing it. Rubberized asphalt sealant is a type of bitumen that is produced under controlled temperature conditions. This results in a sealant that’s flexible, water-resistant, and resilient to the Philippines’ extreme weather.

So, by opting for rubberized asphalt sealant on roads, you get a durable road material that can improve the road’s life, which gives roads a longer life span.

rubberized asphalt sealant

Why Consider Asphalt Technology in the Philippines?

Rubberized asphalt sealant can bring many benefits to road users. Here are some of them:

Better Road Durability

Compared to traditional asphalt, rubberized asphalt sealant is known to be more durable because of its increased elasticity. The increased elasticity of asphalt sealed with rubberized sealants allows it to withstand heavy road usage and extreme weather conditions, which results in fewer road cracks and potholes.

Improved Road Safety

As we all know, potholes can be dangerous for all road users because they can trigger accidents by making motorists lose control of their vehicles. By using rubberized asphalt sealant for road maintenance and construction, the roads become less prone to developing these defects.

Additionally, using rubberized asphalt sealant for road construction can result in roads that are much grippier, which means cars have more traction – even when the rainy season is in full effect.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Because rubberized asphalt sealants can make roads much more durable, there’s less need for road maintenance. This extended road lifespan can translate into significant savings over time.

What Could Hinder Asphalt Technology Adoption in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, rubberized asphalt isn’t commonly used yet. One of the biggest reasons why could be the significant investment needed to use this asphalt technology.

Rubberized asphalt sealants compared to normal sealants are more expensive. The sealant is expensive and so is investing in the equipment and knowledge to properly lay it out. This may be the reason why rubberized asphalt sealants are not used for all road projects yet.

The Impact of Rubberized Asphalt Sealant on Philippine Infrastructure

Rubberized asphalt sealant presents the opportunity to make the roads much safer for every Filipino. It can even help private and government companies save more by making their asphalt more durable. However, before you can start on operations that use this material, you’ll need to find a supplier that can deliver high-quality materials that meet the government’s standards.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier who can provide you with the rubberized asphalt sealant you, Rua Seguridad can help you. Contact us today to get started.