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Making Roads Safer with Asphalt Technology in the Philippines

Asphalt pavement innovation in the Philippines is an important tool that can ensure the country’s development of a wide road network that connects cities, towns, and municipalities. This is a crucial task especially as more places are urbanized and more vehicles go in and out of these towns. But along with the improvement of the

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The Importance of Tourism Safety Initiatives

As part of the famed Filipino hospitality, the development of road safety for tourists is key to ensuring that each person can feel at home in the Philippines. Especially because the country welcomes millions of tourists and balikbayans annually. The use of roads in tourism plays an important role in facilitating the transport of visitors

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patched hole on a road

Sustainably Patching Up Roads With Cold Mix Asphalt

For road users, passengers, and pedestrians, potholes play a huge role in their safety. Potholes seem to multiply overnight, and the worst part is that repairing these damages traditionally involves heavy machinery and road closures, which can lead to traffic. Another point to consider is the weather, if the weather isn’t good, the pothole may

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traffic lines on a road

The Environmental Impact of Traffic Line Paint on Philippine Roads

Anywhere in the world traffic paint plays is key to road safety. Properly lining the roads with traffic paint is essential to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow. Aside from keeping the roads safe, another point to consider is the sustainability of traffic line paint. Believe it or not, traffic line paint has an impact

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