The weather is something everyone has learned to live with and adjust to. It affects different aspects of your life, such as your plans, clothing, and even your daily commute.

Weather changes can affect how you get to work because of how it affects the condition of roads and highways. Different weather events can have varying effects on the roads here in the Philippines.


road damage due to heavy rain

Rain can cause roads to become slippery, which can lead to traffic accidents. This is why motorists are always advised to drive slowly when there is heavy rain.

Aside from less traction, rain can also affect drivers’ visibility. Especially during heavy rains, it can be harder to see the road, other drivers, and pedestrians, which can also lead to potential accidents.

Additionally, rain can aggravate the cracks and signs of road deterioration that are already present on the pavement. This happens because rainwater seeps into the cracks and causes further damage to the inner layers of the road. Over time, the pavement will weaken and start developing more cracks. If not addressed properly, this road damage due to heavy rain can cause bigger problems and might lead to costlier repairs.


road deterioration due to heat

Another weather event that can cause road deterioration is extreme heat. High temperatures can cause the asphalt to soften, which can lead to rutting and buckling on the roads. When left unaddressed, this problem can spread and even cause further damage to other parts of the road.

This is an especially prevalent problem here in the Philippines. The country experiences a high amount of sunshine and heat, which can easily cause the roads to weaken. To counteract this, infrastructure projects must be consistently maintained, monitored, and improved to ensure the longevity of our roads.


how weather affects roads

Although fog does not directly affect the condition of roads, it can affect drivers’ visibility. In places where thick fog often develops, motorists might have a hard time seeing other vehicles and road hazards, which can lead to accidents.

To help keep everyone safe, drivers are advised to use low beams for their headlights or turn their fog lights on when driving through a foggy area. Using bright lights in this weather condition may limit drivers’ visibility even more because it will reflect off the water fragments in the mist.


road deterioration due to floods

Another way how weather affects roads is through floods, which can happen during heavy rain. Flooding can make it hard for motorists to pass through and even damage their vehicles.

Additionally, floods can deteriorate the road’s layers, causing it to develop different types of road cracks over time. If an area is frequently flooded, its pavement may need to be reinforced to keep it from being further damaged.

Keep Pavements Intact and Safe to Drive On

There are many ways in how weather affects roads, but it is safe to say that it always causes road deterioration. To ensure motorists and pedestrians are always safe on the road, you should invest in high-quality materials for your road construction projects.

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