Updating the driveway of any property can greatly improve its curbside appeal. It will help your clients attract more customers to their establishments and homeowners in making their house stand out from the rest.

Aside from ensuring that the driveway you construct is physically appealing, you need to guarantee that it is durable. Doing so will help your clients be at peace and save money in the long run. Here are the things you need to do to make sure you’re constructing a driveway that will last long:

Granular Base

Before installing asphalt on your client’s driveway, you need to have a suitable underlying base. To start, you need to tear out the old driveway on the property and examine the existing base. Depending on its condition, you can remove or update it.

If the subbase is in poor condition, it’s best to tear it out and replace it with a more durable one. You need to lay a thick layer of granular base. You should then mechanically compact the material you laid out using heavy rollers to achieve a stable surface. Let the subbase sit for a few days to account for natural setting.

For properties that have poor-draining soil, you need eight inches of base. On the other hand, if the property has well-draining soil, you only need to lay four inches of subbase.

workers layering the asphalt

Asphalt Layer

Once your subbase is ready, you should start laying asphalt. If you’re updating the driveway of a residential property, you’re most probably going to need asphalt with a smaller size of aggregates. This type of asphalt provides a smoother finish and cleaner look. Coarser asphalt, on the other hand, is often used on surfaces that see more vehicles and get heavier traffic, including trucks, tractors, and SUVs.

The asphalt you lay on the driveway should be about two to three inches thick. This will provide the surface with enough layers to protect the subbase.

After laying asphalt, make sure to compact the material using heavy rollers. This step will allow you to achieve a smoother surface and better appearance.


Although you can stop with laying asphalt on the property’s driveway, it’s best to provide the surface with protection to ensure its longevity. To make sure that your client’s driveway is safe from water damage, apply a layer of bitumen waterproofing to the surface.

This material effectively prevents water seepage on the driveway’s layers and extends its lifespan. With bitumen waterproofing, your clients also don’t have to worry about the upkeep of their driveways and be at peace knowing that it is protected from water damage.

Build a Lasting Driveway for Your Clients

Following the steps listed above will allow you to ensure the durability of any driveway you construct. However, the quality of the products you use should also be considered.

To ensure the quality of the materials you use in your driveway construction projects, you should turn to Rua Seguridad. We offer high-quality bitumen-based products to address all your needs. Contact us for more information.