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How to Keep Highways Safe for Motorists

Road accidents can happen anywhere in the Philippines. In 2019, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority reported 121,771 road accidents in Metro Manila alone, while the World Health Organization recorded over 10,600 deaths in the Philippines related to road accidents in 2018. Despite that many streets, roads, and highways follow the standards outlined by the government,

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How to Make Driving at Night Safer for Motorists

While driving in both day and night time has its risks, it is riskier for motorists to drive at night. After all, your vision becomes more limited in the dark, and it can be difficult to navigate for some. That’s why it is important for public and private roads to be relatively safe for motorists.

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Road Construction

Common Applications of Cold Mix Asphalt

People who drive regularly—whether to go to work or have a road trip with their loved ones—are aware of the various factors that affect their performance on the road. One major factor that may change how an individual drives is their ability to focus on the road, which can be attributed to their experience in

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Back To Operations

As the leading Thermoplastic Road Marking Manufacturer & Road Paint Supplier in the Philippines, Rua Seguridad has begun manufacturing and operations in all our sites nationwide after briefly pausing production in compliance with the Governments Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) measures against COVID-19. We have started to re-open our plants and offices following the guidelines set

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