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As the leading Thermoplastic Road Marking Manufacturer & Road Paint Supplier in the Philippines, Rua Seguridad has begun manufacturing and operations in all our sites nationwide after briefly pausing production in compliance with the Governments Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) measures against COVID-19.

We have started to re-open our plants and offices following the guidelines set by the national and local governments regarding the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Rua has implemented stringent Health & Safety protocols in our facilities, we strictly practice social distancing, proper sanitation, hygiene and health monitoring in all our sites because our employees and partners safety is of top priority. On top of these protocols, our employees undergo rapid tests to rule of COVID-19 potentials in all our working locations, additionally we have provided our employees with equipment’s to shield them from the virus such as masks, gloves, face shields and PPE’s. Our company follows the strict guidelines and best practices set by the government to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and to protect not just our employees but also our partners and clients.

Furthermore our company closely monitors the COVID-19 developments to ensure that we are one step ahead when it comes to preparing and adapting to the changes that will come. We are ready to share our expertise and knowledge on this area to government and other sectors to further contribute to the recovery efforts of our country. We are well equipped with digital tools to ensure that our teams can still perform their work efficiently while working from home and provide our customers smooth transactions.

All of these measures are done to ensure that our clients can work safely and efficiently to catch up on their pending projects deadlines as DPWH jumpstarts their “Build, Build, Build” project during

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