The Importance of High-Visibility Intersections

Drivers, pedestrians, and bikers all rely on clear intersections to safely get to where they’re going. However, with poor-quality intersections that are barely visible, it’s become dangerous for some people to cross the road. This is why it’s essential for roads to have intersections with improved visibility – because it can save lives.

Pedestrians, bikers, and scooter riders know that on the road, their safety is reliant on their visibility. That’s why it’s critical for governments to lay safety systems in place for these road users to keep the most vulnerable safe.

By improving intersection visibility, the roads can be much safer for everyone. In this article, we talk about some solutions that can improve intersection visibility. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Intersection Visibility?

But before we dive into the solutions for improving intersection visibility, we must first learn what it is.

Intersection visibility is the ability of drivers and pedestrians to see each other clearly when approaching and crossing intersections. It’s an important safety factor for road users because intersections are among the most dangerous places for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Why is Intersection Visibility for Pedestrians Important?

In 2022, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) released its Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS). For 2022, it was reported that there were 3,161 pedestrian-related traffic accidents. While this may not directly be the cause of intersection visibility, it shows us that an alarming number of pedestrians are victims of traffic.

What better way to improve the safety of these pedestrians than by making roads safer by making pedestrian lanes, biking lanes, and intersections more visible?

Improving intersection visibility is an important part of making our communities safer for road users. Especially for pedestrians and bikers, who rely on visible road markings for their safety.

Poorly visible intersections can lead to an increased number of accidents and endanger all its users. It can even lower the quality of living in the area because it’ll be known as a dangerous place where accidents frequently occur.

These are some of the reasons why intersection visibility for pedestrians is important, if we cannot safeguard our most vulnerable road users, then there’s something that must be improved in the way we construct our roads.

pedestrians crossing the road

What are Solutions to Improve Visibility at Intersections?

We’ve talked a lot about what intersection visibility is and why it’s important, now it’s time for us to talk about the solutions that can be implemented to improve intersection visibility:

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Informing drivers about any hazards or pedestrian lanes up ahead is a key part of road safety. On busy streets, it’s critical to have reflective pedestrian crossing signs. These signs inform drivers that there’s a pedestrian lane up ahead and that they should slow down.

Additionally, if there are schools nearby, it’s a good idea to place a “children crossing” sign to signal drivers to slow down. These types of signs can also be indicative that they’re approaching a town and that they should be aware that there will likely be people crossing the road at any time, even if there are no pedestrian crossing signs.

Pedestrian Crossings

Another important thing to do is to have high-visibility pedestrian crossings. Pedestrian crossings work in tandem with the pedestrian crossing sign.

In truth, it’s not enough that a pedestrian crossing sign has been erected. It should also be combined with a high-visibility pedestrian crossing to give drivers a clear view of these crossings. Pedestrian crossings are wide vertical lines painted across the road for the safe passage of pedestrians.

For pedestrian crossings, we recommend using highly reflective traffic paint for the benefit of road users everywhere.

Mobility Hubs

Painting mobility hubs for pedestrians, bikers, and scooter drivers can ensure that they have a safe space on the road. Mobility hubs can also offer to reduce conflict points at intersections, leading to a safer crossing for these types of road users.

It’s recommended that mobility hubs be painted with high-visibility traffic paints and numerous symbols to indicate what these spaces are for the safety of pedestrians.

Divided Traffic Lanes

During low-visibility situations like heavy rain or nights, it’s critical for safety features to be implemented effectively to ensure that the tools and systems needed to minimize accidents on the roads are ready. Allotting a lane for these pedestrians can minimize accidents on the road and allow them to safely maneuver through the streets.

It’s recommended that these lanes be cordoned off with highly reflective traffic dividers for high visibility.

Curb Extensions

Marking curb extensions with highly reflective traffic paint can be another way to make the roads safer for pedestrians. It’s an excellent way to show road users where the curb ends.

Making Roads Safer with High-Visibility Intersections

It’s clear that making the roads safer isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are numerous ways to make these roads safer for road users, but one of the best ways to do it is to create high-visibility intersections.

High-visibility intersections can make everyone’s lives safer. All that’s left now is to find a reliable supplier for reflectorized traffic paint in the Philippines.

Here at Rua Seguridad, we provide high-quality materials that can aid in safeguarding road users from traffic accidents. Contact us today to learn more about the products that we offer!

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