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The Legacy brand of thermoplastic paint is the best choice for your road marking needs. Our proprietary blend is made to stand the test of time, and is specially formulated to cope with the tropical climate of the Philippines. Legacy meets the exacting standards of global construction specifications; Legacy is also formulated to meet the requirements of all Philippine government agencies, and has passed the stringent tests of the DPWH Bureau of Research and Standards.

Legacy reflects the history and extensive experience gathered by Rua Seguridad Corporation. The brand is a prime example of the company’s vast experience and technical know-how in the field of thermoplastics and road marking technologies.
  • Meets requirements of all Philippine government agencies
  • Formulated to cope with the Philippines' tropical climate
  • Meets the standards of global construction specifications

Legacy is the premiere choice for discerning individuals or contractors looking for quick, efficient, and affordable materials

Legacy thermoplastic paint melts quickly when applied on roads or other surfaces. The product cooks and dries quickly, which minimizes LPG consumption. This features saves energy and time, which translated into more savings for the contractor or client.

Legacy has been specifically formulated for long-term performance. Our state-of-the-art thermoplastic paint is composed of 20% intermix glass beads, which gives excellent luminance for daytime drivers. The retro-reflective nature of the Legacy gives night time drivers a safer driving experience.

Legacy is specifically formulated to provide excellent resistance to tire marks. The proprietary adhesive used in the Legacy thermoplastic paint ensures proper bonding with the pavement. The improved tackiness of the paint also has a superb dirt repelling feature.

When you use Legacy, we guarantee that clients will experience ease and confidence in their lane-marking applications. The result is high quality of work without sacrificing margins and savings. Legacy assures top performance for your road marking needs. 
  • Best value for money
  • Efficient and high quality materials
  • Top performance
Energy efficientMelts and cooks using less energySave on LPG cost
High pressure resistanceMarkings may be opened to traffic without being completely dryShorter road closure time and less traffic congestion
Highly adhesivePaint bonds excellently to concrete and asphalt road without the use of primerPaint does not rely on
primer for adhesion
20% intermix glass beadsMarkings reflect even with worn drop-on glass beadsExcellent lifetime retro-reflectivity
Improved dirt resistanceMarkings are less tackyMarkings remain white or yellow
DurableMarkings last 2 years and beyondLong service life

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