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Roads get us to where we want to go. Roads open up opportunities. Roads lead us into the future.

About rua seguridad

Rua Seguridad believes in the possibilities afforded by roads. This is why Rua Seguridad envisions to be the conduit of these possibilities by — more than complying — exceeding established road standards. Rua Seguridad continues to learn and improve, to solve problems and to lead and guide its partners in order to each become standards of excellence.

Driven by passionate and principled new-generation thinkers and doers in the highway construction industry

Rua Seguridad is a 100-percent Filipino-owned company, offering 100-percent world-class road marking products. Its founder and owner, Barry Cruz has years of extensive experience in road and highway markings, partnering with some of the most reputable names in public works especially in the roads and highways construction industry.

Rua Seguridad was incorporated in 2006, and started operations as a “garage business” a year later. In its almost 10 years of operations, Rua Seguridad has moved from strength to strength, as the company—driven by passionate and principled new-generation thinkers and doers in the highway construction industry—has consistently introduced products and services that not only meet, but even exceed, national and global standards.

Today, Rua Seguridad is best known for its Legacy brand of road and highway marking products. Its innovations include the Rua Customized Solutions, which allows Rua Seguridad to tailor-fit its products to the exact specifications of its clients, ensuring that they meet their own project standards.


Unit 2B The West Wing Bldg. 107 West Ave. Quezon City 1105

+63 (02) 8376-5170

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Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 18:00


Rua Seguridad empowers the world’s road developers to implement their strategies and achieve their vision. Rua Seguridad ensures that the roads of the world guide its motorists and pedestrians towards their destination.


  • Motorists
  • Government agencies
  • Contractors
Rua Seguridad provides top value to its stakeholders. Rua thermoplastic paint safely guides motorists as they navigate through roads and highways. Rua Seguridad partners with government agencies to help them accomplish their mandated responsibilities to the traveling public. Rua Seguridad supplies road contractors with thermoplastic paints and roadmarking application services that ensure for contractors both quality of work and cost efficiency.


excellency in doing the job
excellency in customer-centered processes (for external AND internal Rua stakeholders)
excellency in adaptability and flexibility reflective of attitude, behavior, and fortitude


These companies and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) partner with Rua Seguridad to achieve their vision.
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